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Ansgar Scheffold Mastering

Excellent analog mastering - made in Germany

How special must be music to act neither boring nor exaggerated? Is there an approach to develop punchy sound yet retain the original character of the song? My studio is committed to this sensitive balancing act for years now.

There’s a whole wide range of what mastering is, particularly in the Do-It-Yourself era we live in. Mastering is not about making music loud. There is always more to it. In my mind, mastering takes the vision that was brought forward to a mix to a greater level of satisfaction, whether it be a single or a whole record.


During the last years, automated online mastering offered by platforms like ''Landr“ & ''Emastered“ became the issue of the moment. These inventions pull us away from being musical and try to get us to turn music into a science project. That’s not what makes things great. What’s happening to your songs when using the mentioned technologies? The result will be disappointing because it will sound like done by a robot. It probably sounds better compared to your mix. But there was no actual choice made during the specific process. It’s just not musical anymore. No matter how flexible the algorithms become, none of these are able to make emotionally reactive decisions in the moment that enhance the musical content. They are ignorable. And that’s the last thing you want it to be.

I care about your music. My goal is 100% customer-satisfaction. As a dedicated musician with lots of know-how in a variety of different genres and styles i want to bring your songs to a new level of awesomeness.

That's why i offer high-end analog mastering to producers, musicians, labels and bands using only the best custom-built analog hardware and digital software. That way it is possible to improve the impact, character, wideness and depth of your recordings. Everything is possible with this combination of creativity and ability.

Focus on making music while we do the mastering for you. I look forward to working with you. Let's create something great!

If you have further questions regarding mastering, mixing, editing or any other related issue, don't hesitate to contact me. Follow the latest news on facebook.