I see mastering as a crucial musical advancement which is all part of an ongoing process during the creation of a song. The final product should be exciting, satisfying and an upgrade to the music. The point of mastering is to make it sound like itself, to let the musical qualities carry through and to make it sound consistently good on the different platforms.

Producers tend to get caught up in little details through the production process. But sticking with overview questions is more important towards the end. Producers and musicians of any kind are already in a pretty modern situation regarding levels, compression and limiting. I want to do everything I can to retain authenticity and sonic integrity.


What we offer

  • First-class analog mastering in hybrid setup
  • Analog stem-mastering
  • Mastering for vinyl
  • Audio editing and conversion
  • Audio restoration and enhancement
  • Audio mixing or mix advice


There are some things to be considered before submitting your files for mastering. Please read carefully.

  • Preferably stereo WAV or AIF format in 24bit or higher. No MP3 or other lossy formats
  • Your mixes should have reasonable dynamic range but don't clip the mixdown (above 0 dBfs)
  • Remove any compressor, limiter, loudness enhancer or maximizer on the master-bus
  • Please leave some space before and after the track. This ensures nothing gets cut off
  • Listen to your track after it has been bounced to check for errors
  • Give your files clear and unique names to make the process easier
  • Give references and examples about the sound you are looking for


Masters will be digitally delivered in standard WAV format (24 or 16 bit). Optional encoding to MP3, AAC or FLAC is free of charge. We also master for vinyl. Please let us know any special wishes beforehand.