This is my story.


In person

You have to be a mastering mindset in person. There has to be an overview perspective to enhance. Ansgar Scheffold has the ability to see a vision for work where he is dissatisfied and he knows what to do to enhance mixes. The courage that you have to know when to push something and go far with it or not and at the same time the respect that you show for what’s there is absolutely the hardest part about mastering. Understanding that respect and disrespect exist at the same time and you have to know when to push and when to lay off.

Ansgar Scheffold had already laid the groundwork of his musical career at the age of six. Years of piano and drum lessons did the rest for him to open the gates to the world of jazz, funk, soul and film scores – styles which pervade his beloved records. With his left hand on the analog tape recorder and the piano keys below his right, Scheffold grew up in a time when techno music began to fragment into a number of subgenres. Deep house was heavily influenced by disco and even merged into a disputable disco house genre. In 2010 he stumbled on a sequencer for the first time. This was his entry into the universe of electronic music production.